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9 Replies to “ Blues 4h & h - Martin Sasse Trio with Peter Bernstein - A Groovy Affair (CD, Album) ”

  1. A Groovy Affair/MARTIN SASSE/マーティン・サッセー/JAZZの商品詳細ページです。新品CDからレコード、紙ジャケ、中古のレア盤など.
  2. ♪ Martin Sasse “A Groovy Affair” (nagel heyer) Peter Bernstein(g), Martin Sasse(p), Henning Gailing(b), Hendrick Smock(ds). Rec. Feb. 12, (1)A Groovy Affair (2)Winter Waltz (3)Search For Love (4)Blues 4 h & h (5)Clear The Dex (6)Nightbirds (7)Body And Soul (8)There's A Small Hotel (9)The Modal Thing No.2 Martin Sasse Trio に.
  3. Martin Sasse Trio & Peter Bernstein Martin Sasse (p), Peter Bernstein (g), Henning Gailing (b), Hendrik Smock (dr) Freitag, 9. Februar , Uhr EUR / David Berkman Quartet David Berkman (p), Jimmy Green (ts), Ed Howard (b), Ted Poor (dr) Zwei Musiker, die sich suchten und fanden: Der Kölner Pia-nist Martin Sasse, Namensgeber.
  4. Peter Bernstein is a perfect foil for the project, with his golden tone and lyrical style shining throughout. Mori and Ruggiero provide perfect support throughout with consummate swing. The recording begins on a fine note with the Bernstein original, “Metamorphosis,” featuring inventive solos from Bernstein .
  5. Jazzthing zur CD "A Groovy Affair" Da haben sich wohl zwei Musiker gesucht und gefunden. Pianist Martin Sasse, Namensgeber des Trios mit Henning Gailing (Bass) und Hendrick Smock (Schlagzeug), harmonisiert mit Studiogast Peter Bernstein an der Gitarre, als hätten die beiden schon immer zusammengearbeitet.
  6. Pianist Martin Sasse is a talented bop-based player and his trio with bassist Henning Gailing and drummer Hendrik Smock is excellent. However, on this set their guest, guitarist Peter Bernstein, consistently steals the show. Bernstein's solos on the straight-ahead material are fiery and inventive, and swing hard. Sasse contributed six of the nine numbers, several of which are based on common 8/
  7. A Groovy Affair Written By – Martin Sasse: 2: Winter Waltz Written By – Martin Sasse: 3: Search For Love Written By – Martin Sasse: 4: Blues 4h & h Written By – Martin Sasse: 5: Clear The Dex Written By – Kenny Drew: 6: Nightbirds Written By – Martin Sasse: 7: Body And Soul Written By – Al Green 5/5(1).
  8. Peter Bernstein with the We Six Trio Monday, September 16, | pm Peter Bernstein, guitar Mark Davis, piano Jeff Hamann, bass David Bayles, drums Program to be announced from the stage.
  9. A Groovy Affair. Martin Sasse (p) Peter Bernstein (g) Henning Gailing (b) Hendrick Smock (dr) A Groovy Affair / Winter Waltz / Search For Love / Blues 4 H & H / Clear The Dex / NIghtbirds / Body And Soul / There’s A Small Hotel / The Modal Thing n (Nagel Heyer ) Colonia, 12 .

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